Discover the most luxurious and exclusive services with FIRST Club Level Membership. Presented in various locations around the world, the club-level includes the assignment of a dedicated Lifestyle Manager who learns about the Member’s habits and interests, managing to anticipate his wishes and thus providing a highly personalized H24 service. Welcome to a new level of luxury.

Club Level-Membership

JOLIE Club Level Membership offers its clients affordable luxury with a private secret touch. We are dedicated to providing a holistic range of services to high net worth individuals and their families. Diversity of our services may surprise you, since we are limited only by your imagination.

Discreetly headquartered in the centre of Rome, we have gained client trust and loyalty through our efficient service. Our clients feel like at home to our private office for our independent, honest and robust advice on their most challenging issues.

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Tailor Made Service

Every member is assigned their own personal manager to fulfil every request. The lifestyle managers building valued relationships with their members, to best understand their personal tastes and lifestyle, so that every advice is tailor made  to their desire and needed.

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