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A top of the line international of creative professionals dedicated to designing & customizing the most exclusive experiences the world has to offer.

Founded in Rome, Jolie is a young, dynamic and growing company symbol of Italian luxury world-wide. It designs experinces, and lifestyle products including: events planning, luxury travel, conciergerie, entertainment & hospitality, all bearing the distinctive minimal geometric gold design logo.

Today Jolie rapresents strong and fearless designs, and innovative concept, connecting mind and focused to ceating new timeliness in contemporary culture.

Jolie Company provides to travellers the opportunity to experience and enjoy the most complete lifestyle unforgettable experiences and unparalleled access to the world of luxury around the globe, through a innovative and highly interactive concierge service 24/7/365, to manage our clients’ daily needs and allowing them more time to enjoy the things they love. To elevate the lifestyles of our clients we work to redefine luxury living with new ideas and programme every years by cultural knowledge of our experts and participating in the most important international fairs.

In December 2019, Jolie Company will announced a new innovative event Elite format.


Global Expertise


We especially have extensive experience throughout: Italy, all Europe, United Arab Emirates, Asia, America, Africa and Indian Ocean. We have proven expertise to bring your most ambitious dreams to life and to give you the best experiences. We work with our worldwide network to propose and execute the unexpected and tailor made each experience specifically to your needs and your passions focus on achieving revenue targets, delegate satisfaction, innovation and creativity.


Events & Experiences


From large scale, to conferences, meeting or private events worldwide, we deliver powerfully experiences. Our team of creative and event production lead on events field from more than 20 years, lead an unparalleled network of global experts and benefits for company and private.


Partnerships & Programming


Our strong business relationships allow us to establish strong collaborations, enriched with corporate concierge services. We are able to create global programmes, through strategic partnerships.



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